Personal page of Benjamin Hellouin


Personal page of Benjamin Hellouin

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Since September 2016, I am ATER in the "Automata and Application" team at IRIF, Paris Diderot University. Until August 2016, I held a postdoctorate position under the supervision of Cristobal Rojas in the mathematics department of the Andrés Bello University, Santiago.


CV: in French or in English.

I am responsible for a section of the Vectorial Calculus course (August-November 2015).

Research interests

My research revolves around symbolic systems, especially symbolic dynamics (and more particularly cellular automata). It generally involves computability theory (on the computer science side) and/or probabilities and ergodic theory (on the mathematics side).

My research topics can be roughly classified into two parts:

Ph.D. thesis

I did my Ph.D., titled Asymptotic behaviour of Cellular Automata: Computation and Randomness, under the supervision of Xavier Bressaud and Mathieu Sablik at the Aix-Marseille University. The thesis defense took place in Marseille on the September 26th, 2014. Here is the manuscript.



With Mathieu Sablik: Self-organisation in cellular automata with coalescent particles : Qualitative and quantitative approaches. Accepted to Journal of Statistical Physics, 2016 [arXiv, preprint, preprint, bibtex]

With Martin Delacourt: Characterisation of limit measure of higher-dimensional cellular automata. Accepted to Theory of Computing Systems, 2016 [arXiv, preprint, bibtex]

With Mathieu Sablik: Characterization of sets of limit measures of a cellular automaton iterated on a random configuration. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 2016 [link, arXiv, preprint, bibtex]


With Martin Delacourt: Construction of μ-limit sets of two-dimensional cellular automata. STACS 2015 [link, preprint, bibtex]

With Mathieu Sablik: Entry times in cellular automata with simple defects dynamics. Automata/JAC 2012 [link, arXiv, preprint, bibtex]

With Mathieu Sablik: Self-organization in cellular automata: a particle-based approach. DLT 2011 [link, preprint, bibtex]

With Takeaki Uno: Maximal matching and path matching counting in polynomial time for graphs of bounded clique width. TAMC 2011 [link, preprint, bibtex]


With [Anah\'i Gajardo] (, Diego Maldonado et Andrés Moreira: Nontrivial Turmites are Turing-universal. Submitted to Theoretical Computer Science, 2016 [preprint]





I am a fervent go player. You can meet me at one of the various clubs in Santiago (ICO, Tengen) or on KGS (Jhyn).

Recently I have been listening to a lot of music. I owe a lot to Emmanuel Jeandel who in particular introduced me to rateyourmusic.

Some webcomics : XKCD the greatest, Subnormality with too many words, A softer world the poetic, SMBC the procrastination-enhancing drug.