CCR 2018 Accepted Papers

Sebastián Barbieri. The domino problem for word-hyperbolic groups
Louis Vuilleumier and Jacques Duparc. The Wadge ordering on the Scott domain is not a well quasi-ordering
Simon Huttegger, Sean Walsh and Francesca Zaffora Blando. Schnorr randomness and Levy's Upward Theorem
Rodrigo Torres-Avilés. A proof of the existence of an aperiodic 2-symbol reversible and complete Turing machine
Russell Miller. A Framework for Random Structures
Marius Zimand. A conditional inequality in Kolmogorov complexity: some remarks and applications in communication complexity
Monin Benoit and Paul-Elliot Angles d'Auriac. Genericity and randomness with ITTM's
Christian Wolf. Computability at zero temperature
Johanna Franklin. Computable categoricity and randomness
Luca San Mauro. Classifying Delta^0_2 equivalence relations via computable reducibility
Donald Stull. The Effective Dimensions of Points on Lines
Claudio Callejas and Benjamín Callejas Bedregal. A domain theoretical study of total computable functions
Xiang Huang, Jack H. Lutz, Elvira Mayordomo and Donald Stull. Selection, Divergence, and Dichotomy
Sebastien Ferenczi, Christian Mauduit and Carlos Gustavo Moreira. The word complexity and how to compute it
Alexander Frank, Cristobal Rojas, Mathieu Hoyrup and Daniel Coronel. Computability of invariant measures of minimal Cantor systems
Laurent Bienvenu. Optimal bounds for single-source Kolmogorov extractors
Andre Nies and Frank Stephan. A weak randomness notion for probability measures on Cantor space