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José Zamora Ponce

Assistant Professor. Departamento de Matemáticas.

Universidad Andrés Bello

Welcome to my webpage

I am an Assistant Professor at the Departamento de Matemáticas at Universidad Andrés Bello in Santiago, Chile. I am also associated researcher of the Center of Mathematical Modeling (CMM) and adjoint researcher of the Núcleo Milenio de Información y Coordinación en Redes .

I obtained my Ph.D degree from Universidad de Chile and Charles University of Prague. My advisors were Martín Matamala and Martin Loebl .

Refereed Journal Publications

  1. "A new class of graphs that satisfies the Chen-Chvátal Conjecture", (with P. Aboulker, M. Matamala, P. Rochet). Accepted for publication in Journal of Graph Theory. Preprint.
  2. "Weighted antimagic labeling", (with M. Matamala). Accepted for publication in Discrete applied mathematics.
  3. "On trees with the same restricted U-polynomial and the Prouhet–Tarry–Escott problem", (with J. Aliste-Prieto and A. de Mier). Discrete Mathematics, Vol 340, June 2017, p.1435 - 1441 Preprint.
  4. "Injective coloring with arithmetic constraints", (with N. Astromujoff, M. Chapelle, M. Matamala and I. Todinca) . Graphs and Combinatorics, 31, 2015, p2003-2007.
  5. "Proper caterpillars are distinguished by their chromatic symmetric function" (with J. Aliste-Prieto).Discrete Mathematics, Vol 315–316, February 2014, p. 158–164. Preprint.
  6. "Forcing Large Complete (Topological) Minors in Infinite Graphs",(with M.Stein) SIAM J. Discrete Math., Vol 27, 2013, p. 697-707. Preprint.
  7. ''Nowhere-zero flows and even $(1,2)$-factors'',(with M. Matamala) Graphs and Combinatorics, Vol 29, 2013, p. 609-616.
  8. '' A New Family of Expansive Graphs", Discrete Applied Mathematics,(with M. Matamala), Vol 156, 2008, p. 1125-1131.

Conference Proceeedings

  1. ''The relative degree and large complete minors in infinite graphs'',(with M. Stein) Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 37, (2011), 129-134.
  2. ''Degree sequence of tight graphs'', (with M. Matamala), Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 35, (2009), 329-334.
  3. ''Nowhere-zero flows and $(1,2)$-factors'', (with M. Matamala), Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 30, (2008), 279-284.
  4. "Packet Content Anonymization by Hiding Words",(with L. Kencl and M. Loebl) Poster Demo accepted in INFOCOM 2006.
  5. "A New Family of K-Divergent Graphs",(with M. Matamala), Extended Abstract appeared in proceedings of GRACO 2005, Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 19 (2005).



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